Moving to Countryside Made me Stronger

In 2016, I moved from London to South Bohemia, from a city apartment into a large house with a garden. Since my accident in 2013, I have not had enough movement and was slowly turning into a bowling duckpin. In 2017, I was fat but still attractive to chicks on the beach. However, working in the garden and finding a physical job at a local heritage site helped me gain some muscle. In London, I would probably need to go to gym and get a personal trainer. That’s expensive, I’d rather buy books with that money. Of late I started to exercise at home since I need strength to work with soil, and don’t wanna squeal every time I do soil building, or soil moving.

I am not aiming to be particularly ripped. I want a lean physique, and wanna be smooth and sweet like marzipan. Sort of like Aion, the god of time below.

The Romans that made that mosaic have foreshadowed the Chart of the Aeons

The Chart of the Aeons can be seen at the header of my astrology blog.

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