Kvartal 95 is Positioning in Germany as a “Russian Comedy-Show”


Remember the thesis of this blog, Ukrainians are just rebranded Russians, and it is not a problem to revert to the old label whenever expedient. Kvartal 95 was the comedy troupe of Zelensky before he became president.

2 thoughts on “Kvartal 95 is Positioning in Germany as a “Russian Comedy-Show”

  1. I agree with the headline in the linked article of “Ukrainians are just re-branded Russians”………but I cannot at all agree with the arguments in your post that :

    “they are better because they are melodic and smooth, unlike Czech, or Russian. The Czechs and Russians had a statehood from the Middle Ages, and the Ukrainians and Slovaks are modern nations based off peasant cultures, that’s why their songs are something…”

    Reading russian poetry is infinitely smoother and more pleasurable than doing so in Ukrainian dialect. For songs it is different, but still about 50/50. I think the overwhelming popularity of Russian language in Ukraine is an indicator of this – its the language they think in. Surely Slovakian has swear words in it, like all peasant cultures should have developed? – there is basically no swearing in Ukrainian that isn’t taken from Russian. In Russian you can say 5 words in a row, without any space in one breath and tongue movement, precisely because it is so smooth.

    Folk/peasant culture is as much, in fact more, a part of Russian culture than of “Ukrainian” culture.
    Lets not forget that Zaporizhian Cossack culture is mostly not intertwined with the traditional peasant culture of Ukraine – Zaporizhian Cossacks themselves mostly people who came there from central Russia, but also other places , and were a great mixture of Russians , Turkic and Kavkaz peoples – which clearly shows in the cultural element of it. What they have decided to conflate of Zaporizhian Cossack and traditional peasant culture as part of some overall ethnic culture……is just Grushevsky horseshit.

    What more proof of how pointless and artificial it is to separate malrossiyan culture from the great Russian one……..then when this pathetic trashbag Zelensky wears a Kosovorotka to pay homage to……National Vishivanka Day!

    Lets not forget that practically ALL of ukrop “culture” – its architecture, dresses, art, cuisine, songs, dances, religion (i.e Orthodox not Catholic) and so on ( including the name “Ukrainian”) comes from the Malorossiyan, not Austro-Hungarian side of things. Its a psychotic situation that Galicia is the “soul” of Ukrainian “nationalism” LOL.

    Slovakia – more conservative and religious, the Czechs notoriously liberal and atheistic – that is plenty for a foundation of different peoples and 2 different countries.

    Ukrainians and Russians are identical in mentality – urban Russians and Ukrops have identical characteristics and mannerisms, rural Russians and Ukrops the same, their babushkas, gangsters, intellectuals, believers and so on.
    Slovakia is not viewing itself as the “heir to a great power” like 404 is. Czechs and Slovaks have legitimate reasons to consider themselves western…..Ukrops have none – and even more than this , they have zero reason to consider themselves as western and Russia un-western , when if anything, Russia is a million times more westernised then 404, in the best and worst sense of the words.


    1. Indeed, I believe there is a single cultural space between Russia and Ukraine. The same cannot be said of Slovakia and the CZ. You sometimes hear Slovak on the TV here but that is rare.


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