5 thoughts on “What Men Want From Women

  1. Agree on pretty much everything, but for the cuddly part, I want to add something. There are those who overdo the “cute” shit way too much. They don’t seem to know whether it looks good on them or not, and the amounts of that “cuteness” don’t make them cute at all. It makes them look bratty and sometimes just downright annoying and make me wanna tell them to shut the fuck up. There’s a reason why I kinda avoid Asian girls nowadays. I prefer women with a bit more maturity and brain in them.


    1. Women are people, and some people are lame. I am also not a perfect man. I also like women to keep quiet. Like honestly, if they have nothing of substance, they should just play a game of Hearthstone or something. I knew a Chinese Taipei girl that overdid the groveling and honey this and that, bad actress. Last I heard she is dating some biker in her country.

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      1. It’s that Taiwanese bitch you dated when you were studying in UK? Yeah you told me about her before. Based on the more detailed description here, I’d avoid her if I’m in good mood, and if I’m in a mood where I feel a bit…naughty, I’d clown on her till she gets mad then smack the shit out of that bitch when she trynna punch me. Regardless of nationality, when you see any Asian woman who act way too cute, avoid having too much to do with her.


      2. She is a trainwreck. I think women should be sweet around guys. You know like women. Men like women. This is what I meant about cuddly. A guy like me feels appreciated when our bodies touch. It may not be the same for every guy. I know I come off as a bit needy but it is a cold world out there. I also enjoy when they rub my head.

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  2. I see where you’re coming from Leos. What you’ve referred to as cuddling is what I call being “down”. That’s definitely a plus when it comes to ladies. Ain’t nobody want them careerist, dull af, Nicole Kidman ass bitches who act all cold and untouchable and all that.


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