Ukrainians can Blame High Gas Prices on Russophobia

A story about a people fleeced by elites…

Without doing any extensive research into the prices of gas in Ukraine, I can say that there are reports of many Ukrainians, who can’t pay their gas bills, and cases of public buildings being shut off from heating are also frequent.

People and institutions that have been deprived of gas have only the Russophobia of the Ukrainian state to blame. Those are the harsh facts, the script you were running with has totally worked against you. Russophobia served to set up schemes like the virtual reverse gas. That is when the Ukrainians siphon gas intended for Europeans, and then pay Europeans for the gas. And just by magic, the Russian gas turns into globohomo rainbow gas.

Putin recently said Germans are selling their cheap gas, which they get under longterm contract with Russian Gazprom, to clients in Eastern Europe including Ukraine. Guess who is making money here? Gazprom, the Germans, and the mafia in Ukraine which is fleecing the population. The sucker here is the Ukrainian consumer. The Ukrainian consumer is not allowed to benefit from having a long term contract with Gazprom, that would undercut the Krauts. No cash for ballers in Ukraine either, you must cut them some slack, peasant!

I think we have a case where Russophobia was monetised, we had some monetised Antisemitism on this blog not so long ago. Some people can make hate work in their interests but Gazprom is still getting money. It is a case where peremoha reverse flows into zrada. I shall help you here Ukrainians, who started the reverse? Poroshenko. And who brought sanctions against Medvedchuk, who propagated signing a deal with Russia? Zelensky. Don’t vote for these people, don’t vote for anyone who has oligarch money behind him. Everybody knew Zelensky is Kolomoysky’s puppet before the election, and yet you still voted for him? Can you guys be helped? Vote Shariy if you are to the right, vote Derzhava if you are to the left of the political spectrum. It is that simple.

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