The Biden Administration Banded Imports of Russian Ammunition and Hurt American Consumers

From NRA:

Ammunition exports to the United States are only a small percentage of the GDP of the Russian Federation, but Russian origin ammo makes up a large part of the American ammunition supply. American gun owners were already suffering from a market where demand was exceeding available supply. This new move by the Biden Administration will severely worsen the present supply problems.

I guess the Biden administration killed two birds with one stone here, they hurt Russian exporters, and American gun owners, two groups the Democrats hate. Let’s go Brandon!

3 thoughts on “The Biden Administration Banded Imports of Russian Ammunition and Hurt American Consumers

  1. Nothing positive ever came from that dementia geezer so far. I’m still waiting on him shitting his pants on national TV though. I’d smoke them GG4 and laugh my ass off while watching the clip repeatedly if he does that. That would be about the only thing close to positive from him, but he still hasn’t done it yet.


    1. I love how Obama said that Russia doesn’t make anything. Here your Vice President just banned something Russia makes and is actually good at. I have buds of Wappa, and they strong. That’s all I can get here, this ain’t Murica, in Murica you need harder drugs.

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      1. That’s what they do. Same thing with what US education system does with Asians. On one hand they pressure us to keep being that obedient, studious little cute bitches and bitch boys and the US school admins will be the first one to play Asian culture card when an Asian student acts out of line. On the other hand, they’ll turn blind eye when we get ridiculed by other students and even teachers for being nerds, then throw the affirmative action to ensure that only the weakest bitch flakes get admitted to university. They’ll sabotage your shit to make you look lame then mock you for it. Sometimes I’m so glad that I’m a high school drop out. I don’t put up with that gay shit. For weed, I never tried Wappa. I’m more of a GG4 and Wedding Cake type of dude. May try it one of these days though.


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