Will NATO Exist Beyond 2020s?

I sense it in the air, the North Atlantic alliance may soon unravel…

What leads me to believe this?

1) Former US president, Donald Trump was very critical about European countries not spending 2% of their GDP on defense as is their obligation under NATO treaty. Trump was reviled for almost everything under the sun, including his criticism of NATO allies but he was not lying. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs even admits this in their foreign policy strategy. I would bet there are forces within the US establishment that are very unhappy about this.

2) The new US president, Joe Biden, who was supposed to repair transatlantic relations, recently announced the creation of AUKUS, an alliance of the three Anglo-Saxon countries, US, UK, and Australia. This apparently deprived the French of a contract to build submarines for Australia.

3) Macron has once said that NATO is brainless, and there is a talk on the European continent of the formation of an EU army.

4) Turkey has broken a tradition of buying American weapons and purchased Russian anti-aircraft S400 missiles. The US threatened to withdraw delivery of F-35 and Turkey said it may buy Russian made warplanes.

Could all these controversies compound eventually to cause a break in alliance?

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