2014 Has Seen Levels of Svidomism That Shouldn’t Have Been Possible

The years immediately after the victory of the Maidan, were literally the peak of Svidomism, particularly the first months of 2014. Back then Crimea was still half way on its way out, there was no war yet, and so we saw Svidomite bravado such as the one below:

Ukraine in 10-15 years. Investment from the EU and Marshal Plan (USA) – the entire country is a construction site: motorways, factories, a variety farms are growing like mushrooms here and there. Sun, grace, wheat fields in the steppes. Progress everywhere – monorail trains run from one corner of the country to another. The country is getting richer, we have the richest soil and the people are hard working, friendly and tolerant of others – everybody is happy. As if it were like in heaven.

Over Dniepr, over the capital Kiev the music of Bortnyansky is playing incessantly. The Ukrainian nation gives thanks to God for joy and peace through this music. And meanwhile, beyond a stone wall to the north nations of the prison empire are burning tires, they are taking a cue from Ukraine… and beat up the rashists. There is a rebellion in Crimea, they want to go back to Ukraine but they are being carted off to Magadan…



It is almost ironic that it was Crimea that became a construction site with a new new airport, new highway, new railroad, and a new bridge linking to the Russian mainland. It is sad that the above drivel hides within it a recognition of the immense potential of Ukraine never been realized. Ukraine has a perfect geographical location and fertile soil, it had industry inherited from the Soviet Union. But Ukraine also has Svidomism and that’s why it was unable to make any use of those assets.

I just wonder, where do stupidities such as the belief that America, with it decrepit infrastructure, is going to build a monorail in Ukraine? Marshal plan was for Europe destroyed in the deadliest conflict in human history, not for a post-Soviet ethnic bantoustan destroyed by years of mismanagement. Many US cities do not even have a monorail. Meanwhile, instead of a monorail, Ukraine has old Soviet trains where mushrooms grow. But one needs to ask where does this imbecilic optimism come from?

Ukrainian mycorail

Even today, when it should be blatantly clear that no monorail will be built, Svidomites still dream of a return of Crimea and the Donbass. Just the other day, while trolling Sternenko on YouTube, some particularly gifted lady told me that Crimea will be returned when Putler dies. I simply do not know where such fantasies originate. Is it a coping mechanism? But quite frankly, I am betting that most people making such statements aren’t in any way benefiting from the state of things as they are.

Ukraine’s many ills are psychological. Svidomism is a disease of the mind, which turns one into a Russophobic moron, and leads one to act in self-destructive ways. It is not just Ukraine that is suffering from this. Bulgaria, the Czech Republic are also not immune to periodic explosions of Russophobic hysteria that goes against the interests of local economies. I am speaking about Bulgaria’s rejection of the South Stream pipeline, and the Czech Vrbětice affair…

These countries need to achieve healing, drop malign Western influence, apologize for Russophobia, and only then they will prosper in the long term…

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