The EU now Accepts Covid Vaccination Certificats From San Marino

The Italian peninsula micro state, San Marino applied to have the Covid vaccination certificate it issues in the EU. However, the San Marino government bought Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine which is not registered in the EU.

The EU purposefully refuses to register Sputnik V because of lobbying from Western big pharmaceutical companies that want the European market for themselves. San Marino is not in the EU and can do whatever it wishes, and I bet they can even make the EU acknowledge its certificate because many important people have money stashed there.

Meanwhile those that are enslaved by EU will pay more money for Pfizer and Moderna, and will be deprived of the Sputnik V option. Any exclusion of Russian and Chinese business from the European market will only lead to the Western companies making the best of their exclusivity.

On the example of San Marino we see the benefits of being out the EU. Sovereign thinking and acting in your national interests. As for Russia, Russians need to learn that they cannot expect fairness from the West…

Based on this video.

3 thoughts on “The EU now Accepts Covid Vaccination Certificats From San Marino

  1. But I do get your point though. Truth to be told; this whole Russophobia and Sinophobia is really something for peasants. The Western elites pretend to be that way just to move people’s anger away from the elites themselves, and the servant states just go along with such agenda using historical issue and that land grabbing bullshit as an excuse, just in hope to make the West happy and to distract its own peasants away from the daily social problems. At the end of the day, lower and middle class people just keep their eyes on Russia and China, while the elites are safer than ever and they get to make a fat check from this. However when the time’s right, they don’t give a rat ass about “countering Russia and China”. Why would they? They never really believe in their own lies themselves. That said, one can’t help but worry a bit about the Russian and Chinese diaspora communities across North America and Western Europe. It’s always the ordinary people who take the most hits.

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