Let’s Make Donbas Queer

European values are coming…

KyivPride charges towards the East. Whirlwind, Rainbow flag

3 May, the “Kyiv pride going east” project was launched which aims to mobilise the LGBT+ (I don’t want to imagine what the + means) society in Donbas.

In other words, make Donbas queer. Heart, Fire

Other details are found on our pages on Instagram and Facebook.


7 thoughts on “Let’s Make Donbas Queer

  1. Why all the pro-US countries, territories and movement (different than actual Americans) have to resort to this type of gay shit? It’s either this, or some highly violent shit…borderline Mexican cartel type of violence, you know. At the end, what Russia and China will be dealing with are a bunch of angry, highly aggressive, often zoomers yet gay or with thots dressing promiscuously if not acting promiscuously, often shout out slogans regarding carrying out genocide against Chinese and/or Russians. What a grotesque!

    Oh and for the genocide part, they’ll often bring up about how “we don’t need to kill you ourselves. Your government is killing you. Now go eat bats/go lynch more gays and kill more dissident” and that “free Navalny/free Xinjiang” nonsense. They don’t even know a jack shit. They just repeat what they were told and attack you…perhaps out of a sense of sadism.


    1. Most of them act upon money given to them. The State Department gives money to promote equality for women, and gay rights. Cut the money off, and many of these countries will revert to default state. Russia and China simply banned these agents of US influence but in Ukraine they find a fertile ground. The issue is that the West fears both Russia and China, this is the biggest anxiety of US, and that’s why you see all that anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda that at times borders on the absurd. The fuckers are payed for it. Remove the money flow, and Eastern Europe would have delegations in Moscow and Beijing every day.

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      1. Cutting the money flow is one thing, but the problem is how you have everyday populations who actually buy into the words and organized protests from these paid agents. Look at Euromaidan, look at Hong Kong. There were so many people! I believe it’s the top leaders and the mid level commanders of these movements are the ones who’re receiving direct payment from US, but the rest are an even more complicated subjects. Most of “the rest” seems young too.


  2. And since I’ve brought up zoomers, I’ll say more about them; no offense to zoomers world wide but they got their philosophy that’s equally “fascinating” as that of boomers’. It really looks like we’re trapped between two different forms of grotesque. We have to deal with boomers’ dementia filled entitlement and that drunken abuse tendency (imaging an old, dumb drunken boomer with an Asian wife less than half his age), as well as zoomers’ morally corrupted sadism. Strictly speaking, zoomers does have some admirable traits, such as they tend to be the first one to stand up for themselves to what they perceived as bullying, aggression or oppression. However more often than not, zoomers don’t understand how to see things in bigger picture and their sadism filled aggression can often be misled and manipulated and cause complete chaos. All in all, those of us who’re age between 25 and 40 now are really the ones who’re having it the worst.


      1. Leos I believe you’re onto something here. I hate to sound boomer but I think the problem is social media. See I have known someone who abandoned FB and they told me how their thoughts have became more clear, they’re in better moods and feel more refreshed. He’s a fully grown adult, a gen-x in his early 50s mind you. If social media can affect a matured, full grown adult, then just imaging what it can do to the minds that are not even fully developed yet. Sure not everyone is affected by it, but I’m sure there are some who are and worse of it, they buy into every single word from social media.


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