Savushkina Troll Factory is Fake News

A troll factory in St. Petersburg on the Savushkina street, run by Putin’s cook is a lie, and a bad one at that. But US state funded media keep rehashing that story…

Illustration from RFE/RL

If you have ever attended a troll raid, you would understand how different the world of trolls is to that presented in the story of Savushkina troll factory. My name is Leos, and I am a pro-Russian troll with many years of experience.

If there was an organized effort to troll in favour of a government, then what we would see is a decentralized operation. People would do it from anywhere in the World. Why would you need an office in St. Petersburg? And also, another element of trolling is the fact that most people writing troll posts believe what they are saying. If the discourse comes out of your heart, it is far easier to construct witty arguments, and win the shitstorm completely disarming your opponent.

But stories about Savushkina troll factory exist to delegitimize support for the Russian government on the internet by saying that you honestly can’t believe what you are writing, you must be paid in grams of vodka and salmon roe cans. If you know where I can get paid for trolling, I will gladly subscribe. But I don’t take vodka and salmon roe cans, I’d prefer bars of gold.

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