Tom Woods: Covid Cult

Powerful statement on the bullshit happening around us. Mask mandate is an interesting one because it does not seem to translate into results, that is reduction of revealed cases. Masks I will add are dangerous. I did tours of local castle in that thing, and one time I breathed in a dust particle and started suffocating in front of the tourists. So God knows what you are breathing through that mask.

6 thoughts on “Tom Woods: Covid Cult

  1. Inslee has just issued another stay home stay safe order. I say there will be more liberal drones who relaunch their lockdowns as the dementia geezer has won the election…for the time being at least


    1. The lockdowns are bringing life to a halt and create crazy situations. Here, the government recently issued a limit on how many people can enter shops. You know what happened? People started lining up outside the shops. The government ain’t got a clue what to do, and there is international pressure on them to lock things up.

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  2. It’s time to end the bullshit. We need some big names to come out and be straight up about it. If you’re younger than 50 and you got no diabetes nor cancer nor anything that compromise your immune system, you should be fine. But so far, none of the governments wanna get that real. They either playing blame game or buy into hysteria or both, and that’s chicken shit!


      1. I will share it onto my wall. Not only we need more awareness, but we need enough people to call out Inslee’s bullshit rules. Enough is enough!

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      2. Thank you for spreading links to this site on FB. I am no longer there. But post stuff into groups, that way it will get more viral.

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