Santa’s Cool Tattoos

I discovered the hero of this Vice documentary half naked…

That’s “Santa” aka. Volodymyr Regesha

Remember kids, we have been told there aren’t any nazis in Ukraine…

This creep came to the spotlight recently over an attack on a journalist, Volodymyr Runets of Current Times, a Russian language media project of RFE/RL, a US government propaganda arm. Santa literally shot at everyone in a club from an automatic rifle.

This happened on 5 May, and Santa has since been let off. reports:

The court proceedings in the best traditions of the post Maidan reality. The court room was filled with colleagues of the journalist, Runets on one hand. From the side were nationalists and Members of Parliament, who support such ideas. Andriy Antonishchak (Bloc of Petro Poroshenko), Oksana Korchinskaya (Radical Party), Serhiy Vysotckiy, Andriy Levus (both from National Front), Egor Sobolev (Samopomich), Andriy Ilenko (Svoboda).

Remember this list next time somebody tells you that the Right Sector received meager electoral results. All the parties, with the exception of “Svoboda” are mainstream and not immediately considered nationalist by superficial observers.

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