Boris Akunin’s Book was Banned in Ukraine

Plenty of contemporary Russian writers are pro-Western liberals and Ukraine solidarists. The Calvert Journal called Boris Akunin, a “dissident detective novelist”, who turned “into master historian.”

Well, Akunin’s historical “masterpiece”, “The History of the Russian State; The Time of the Horde, Part Of Asia” was banned in Ukraine, and it is forbidden to import this book into the country. The author called the action: “obscurantism”.

Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 13.24.01.png
Some Ukrainian Government Council banned several Russian books, including my “History of the Russian State” (there are also, for some reason, the memoirs of Princess Maria Pavlovna and the notes of Princess Dashkova, on the list). In connection with this, different kinds of people send me questions, mostly snide: “What will you say about your Ukraine? Or are you chastising your own country only? I will say the following. The banning of books, whatever books -is of course obscurantism, but Ukraine is not my country, and when government offices over there behave like idiots, that is an issue for Ukrainians. May they deal with their obscurantists themselves. I am far more bothered by our, homegrown [obscurantists]. Meanwhile, the fifth volume of my “History” is going into print. It will be all about Peter the Great.
Akunin is basically a cuck, who suddenly does not care about Ukraine. But in 2014 he was ready to criticise Crimeans, and said they will regret their choice, and he also praised Ukraine for bravely “asserting her statehood.” Isn’t he interested in what made the Ukrainians angry about his book? I certainly am, and it was because they deemed Akunin’s work as “insinuating imperialist ideological doctrines which aim to create ideological framework for the return of Ukraine, and other independent countries, into the sphere of influence of the empire.”

I am once again reminded that most of the Russian creative class are spineless worms, who need to be ignored. I still don’t get why Akunin sells.

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