Ekho Moskvy Audience Is Apparently Representative of the General Russian Opinion

I have always been rather sceptical of the quality of the anti-Russian-disinformation disinformation efforts (see here and here). 

So the other day I learned this at EU vs. Disinfoan official website of the EU dedicated to the fight against Russian disinformation:

No they don’t!

The source of this is an Ekho Moskvy telephone poll.

Radio Ekho Moskvy polled its audience on whether “the assessment of KVN and similar shows as a propaganda tool makes any sense”. By Monday, 68% of the answers among those who voted online agreed with the study and answered that it makes sense. Among those interviewed by phone, 60% shared that opinion.

You might as well ask the viewers of Rachel Maddow what they think about Donald Trump, and the result would be just as representative of the general opinion in the US.

Haven’t the EU vs. Disinfo committed disinformation here, and purposefully mislead their readers, who might not be familiar with Russian reality?

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