A Reminder that Ukrainian Nationalists Haven’t Won a Single War, Ever

Yes, you read that right, can you name a single war the Ukrainian nationalists, from their emergence as a military force during WWI, that the Ukrainian nationalists have won?

Ukrainian nationalists have always been granted territory by benevolent Muscovites. The Provisional Government of 1917 gave them gubernias of the Russian Empire, the Soviets gave them Donbass, Comrade Stalin gave them the territories of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire together with Russian territories occupied by Poland and Romania.

So where are the peremohas (victories) gentlemen? The Siege of Slavyansk? The Murder of the policemen of Mariupol? For every such peremoha, there is Debaltsevo and Ilovaysk.

I was reminded of this fact when I saw this.


The context:

Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 09.59.32.png
RED FIELD: THE ALTAR OF THE HOLY STRUGGLE In 1939, hundreds of young hearts have burned as one torch in the name of the national idea. The feeling of the unity of spirit with the nation, have unfurled as a live organism by the willing act of total nonconformity. All of Transcarpathina has thundered: We are Ukraine. The fighters of the Carpathian Sich have charged against the enemy, being aware of a certain defeat against the several thousands of men of the occupation army. However, they have achieved a victory of the spirit. The successors of the heroes of the Carpathian Sich traditionally commemorate the guardians of the Carpathian mountains on the spot of their last battle. Heroes who have fallen for Free Carpathians – are present!

More context:

In 1939, Ukrainian nationalists have declared an independent state in the Czechoslovak province of Podkarpatsk√° Rus. It was liquidated within a day by Hungarian forces. The area became the part of Ukraine called Transcarpathia in 1945 through the efforts of Comrade Stalin and the Red Army.

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