National Front’s Programme = Putin is a Dickhead

Radio liberty featured a video from the summit of the National Front, a Ukrainian party gathering such giants of Ukrainian politics as Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk, Oleksandr Turchynov and Arsen Avakov. It features a bit from the Minister of Interior, Arsen Avakov. I have given it English subtitles, and posted it below. My commentary is further below…

As you can see, the programme of the National Front boils down to simple geopolitics, which in Ukraine is traditionally based upon the elite casting illusions, and telling the poor people lies.

Nevertheless, Avakov does say some things that are true. Let’s begin with the first, “Ukraine is Europe”. So is Albania, Chechnya and a part of Turkey. But what follows are lies.

  1. Promises of EU and NATO are quite frankly unrealistic. Poroshenko recently promised Ukraine (not he) will file for EU membership in 2024. He also expressed hope that accession talks with NATO will begin. I have explained before why these claims are unrealistic. Anyway, 2024 was conveniently chosen to be at the end of Poroshenko’s potential second presidential term. I think he leaves the application to his successor.
  2. Another lie of Avakov is about Russia being the aggressor. While it is true that Russia helped militarily the separatists in the Donbass, and irredentists in Crimea but “Russia is aggressor” has become a convenient argument of those that want to blame Russia but do not want a war with Russia. Instead of Ukraine breaking ties with Russia, declaring a state of emergency and martial law, we see Russia and Ukraine doing business. I personally think that despite all the Ukrainian bravado, any real war with Russia would end in a bitter defeat for Ukraine. A Ukrainian politician cannot say that however, so they lie.

The another true statement perhaps is that Putin is a dickhead but that is a matter of opinion…

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