Does This All Mean the Future of Donbass is With Russia?

I was recently watching a recent podcast of Egor Prosvirnin of Sputnik & Pogrom fame…

In it, Prosvirnin regrets (much like I do) the recent elections in Donbass, which could have been used to legitimise local governments, were instead planned in a classically Putinist way to have a predictable outcome, which would result in the victory of a candidate easily manipulable by Moscow’s curators.

Nevertheless, Prosvirnin brings attention to the words of Alexey Chesnakov, the director of Centre for Political Conjuncture, who according to Prosvirnin is a mouthpiece used for communication with the public of Vladislav Surkov, the person Kremlin made responsible for Donbass. According to Chesnakov:

“…the electoral campaign, and unprecedented voter turnout have shown high support of the citizens to a course chosen by the government of the republics in 2014. It is a definitive victory of pro-Russian electorate, and pro-Russian forces.”

This is an unprecedented acknowledgement of the interests of the Donbass peoples from somebody purportedly a spokesman for the Kremlin. Of course, the system does not imply annexation by Russia but it is a confirmation of the situation in which the two republics are dependent territories of Russia. Does it mean abandonment of the failed effort to impose federalisation upon Ukraine? I can’t say!

Meanwhile recently, on the other side in Kiev, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, or whoever writes posts on his Twitter, has once again demonstrated the unwillingness and inability of Kiev to integrate Donbass.

Screenshot 2018-11-13 at 00.47.01.png
The occupied Donbass, as a Russian colony, cannot be artificially embedded into civilised and democratic Ukraine. We can discuss transitional period, various approaches and modalities but not this fundamental principle. There will be free, Ukrainian, European Donbass in Ukraine!

The idea that Donbass, with its current consciousness is somehow unfitting for Ukraine is not new. Klimkin’s above Tweet is just a sanitised repeat of the street version. Klimkin however acknowledges Donbass’ dependence upon Russia in the wake of Donbass elections, much in tune with what Chesnakov said.

And finally, check out a new video that I posted on my youtube channel, it allegedly comes from Lugansk on election day. It suggests a lot…

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