Mikheil Saakashvili to Ukrainians About Gas Prices

The former president of Georgia, and former governor of Odessa, Mikheil Saakashvili published this curious text on his Facebook page…

It was accompanied by this video, which I gave subtitles to…

Starting next month , Ukrainians will pay for gas and heating 24% more. They are trying to convince you that it is inevitable, otherwise Ukraine would not receive an IMF credit, and would not be able to pay her debts, and would need to announce a default.

I will tell you now, my dear Ukrainians, things that will not be very nice but I have to say them. Yes indeed, in the opposite case, Ukraine would default -because YOUR budget is being shamelessly stolen by everyone, who isn’t lazy to do it. Yes indeed, the price hike under such total robbery was inevitable. Moreover, another price hike is awaiting you and with it lowering of your already low quality of life. And this everything because you have accepted that the country is run by thieves and bandits -all those innumerable, jowly Poroshenkos, Hroysmans, Avakovs -and you are doing nothing to change it.

Do you think they are stealing from some abstract budget, they are stealing from some abstract state companies, and all this doesn’t have any relation to your family budget? But you are forgetting that the budget is financed by your money -taxpayers’ money. And when money is being stolen in such a way that there appear holes in the budget, there is only one way to shut these holes -at your expense.

If Russian oligarch Fuks wants to steal from Ukrainians, the thieves that you allow to run your country will allow him to do it (under the condition that he shares, of course) -and meanwhile your tickets for Kiev metro become more expensive. If Putin’s godfather Medvedchuk thinks he needs to again milk Ukrainians, SBU begins to to suppress all importers of liquified natural gas except for companies belonging to Medvedchuk, the gas price increases -and Ukrainians docilely pay. If it seems to this large pack of hungry parasites that runs Ukraine that they need money for a new Lexus, new yacht, or one more villa in Marbella -they will without shame use YOUR budget as their wallet. They will take what they need out of there -and then they will increase your gas and heating bills. And you again allow them to do this.

So if you are not against being constantly shaved (like sheep) -then why wouldn’t they use it to their advantage? That’s how hucksters, whom you (yes you!) allow to run your country think. And you will be shaved again and again.

When I was a president, I had dealings with the IMF. They care about a balanced budget, no matter how it will be achieved. If the patient drinks heavily, and he has a hole in the budget because of that, does not interest the IMF, how will the balanced budget appear, whether he will drink less, or his children will eat less. The second option is actually better because it is easier to implement.

It is the same with the state -the IMF can’t stop officials from stealing (or more precisely, it can ban it but cannot control the execution of this ban), therefore Ukrainians ought to eat less but pay more for gas and heating. Everything is that simple. Therefore, the first thing I did when I became president, I uprooted corruption, I ended the theft of the budged, and then I congratulated the IMF for their cooperation, and said that from now on, we don’t need their money (because we started to use our money better) and their “valuable” advice (because it is cannibalistic).

Therefore my dear Ukrainians, you alone are guilty for being milked by various trash. I know it is unpleasant to hear, I don’t find pleasure in telling you that. My heart bleeds when I these criminals bullying such a great nation. I, twice elected president by the people of Georgia, acknowledged as one of the best reformers in the World, was not ashamed to run on roofs and to live in a tend with a bucket instead of a toilet, so that they stop robbing you. If more people supported me back then, we would win. But many of you remained on the sides, and thought this doesn’t concern you.

You know, some people say problems in Ukraine should be solved by Ukrainians, not Georgians. I am fully in agreement with this. Until, you Ukrainians do not decide to stop criminals from robbing the country and the people -nothing will happen. You are being ruled by cowardly bastards, who will momentarily flee from the country, the moment you say “Enough!” But you are too patient. You are being governed by people who see “patient” as a synonym of “sufferer”. They consider your good will to be a weakness.

How much money do they have to steal from you, from your children, from your poor people. How many Lexus’ there needs to be bought instead of thermographic cameras for your soldiers, so that you stop suffering this? You are being taken for idiots, and you are being fed propaganda big boards with empty words about language, faith, and army (which is also being stolen from), which are being set up for money that has been stolen from you. And you continue being silent and are suffering this.

Maybe you are hoping that soon there will be elections and everything will change. Nothing will change unfortunately. Russian (ethnic, citizen?) Trukhanov will continue to rob the people of Odessa, and the management of Naftogaz will receive bonuses worth several millions because the incomes of Naftogaz have increased (why wouldn’t they increase, when you were made to pay more for gas?). Nothing will change if you tick the box next to another surname on the ballot. NOTH-ING. The new “tsar” will also think that he caught the bird of joy by the balls, that Ukraine is his to pillage for the next five years, local lords will bring bags with kickbacks to the same building, only for a different person, and members of parliament, who have joined new parties, will continue discussing in the hallways how best to bend you over.

Everything can change only if only you grow tired of playing the lottery that can’t be won at elections. You have to hold all your “servants” firmly by the balls, and you have rip them off from anyone the minute he thought to steal something from you. The new president decides to steal something in several months after election? Vote him out in a referendum*, do not allow him to steal for another 4 years and 10 months. When the Prosecutor Generals’ Office or the SBU extort businesses, instead of fighting against crime and corruption, kick the asses of the bosses of these organisations, sack them at a referendum and make them face justice. The mayor and the council of thieves are trading with public land in your town? Throw them out of power yourselves on a local referendum, cancel their criminal decisions, instead of blocking roads as the people of Zatoka are doing now. According to Ukrainian constitution, the only source of government’s power are you, the Ukrainian people.

This everything is realistically easy to achieve. But this will happen only when you say enough to tolerating this. When this happens, I, Ukrainian of Georgian origins, will happily help you with everything I can. But how long you will suffer this, depends on you alone.

And while you are think whether you ought to suffer a little bit more, please watch the video (above) about what your tolerance of this has already caused. Ukraine was overtaken by even Moldova in GDP per capita. Now Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe, without adding “after Moldova.” There is a new goal ahead -poorer than the countries of Africa. Fellows, please wake up earlier.

*I just recall that last time people demanded referendum in Odessa, they were burned alive by goons brought to the city by oligarchs.

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