Parasyuk Makes Threats of Maidan in Connection with Gas Price…

The hero of Maidan, and Rada member, Volodymyr Parasyuk said there will be another Maidan because gas prices are being increased by 24%.

Watch the video, it has my subtitles…

I don’t know if it is my poor knowledge of Ukrainian, or the fact that Parasyuk speaks badly but I tried my best. Don’t forget to follow the video, and subscribe to my channel.

Prasyuk has a small problem though. Maidan requires…


No, not pastry! The blessing of Murica!

By the way, gas costs 12 times less in DNR.

2 thoughts on “Parasyuk Makes Threats of Maidan in Connection with Gas Price…

  1. Gas is cheaper in DNR, because Russia gives it for free! Gas is a valuable resourse and Russia just gives it for free when it could have been charging real money for it. So how is this a good thing?


    1. I guess it is part of humanitarian aid. It has to do with the fact that the territory is unrecognised and not well connected to global economy. Still, Ukraine’s high gas price has more to do with Ukrainian state needing money to pay off the IMF than with how much Russia sells it for.


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