Kiev City Council Renames Marshall Zhukov Street To Street of Kuban’ Ukraine

From Pershy


Kiev City Council renamed the Marshall Zhukov Street, in the Desnyansky District, to street of Kuban’ Ukraine.

The Press Service of the Kiev City State Administration reported.

“New name was chosen to renew historical memory of the Cossack state formation in the Kuban'”

The street was built in 1960 and was named Poligrafichna (because of a Research centre of the polygraphic industry located in its beginning).It received the name in honour of the soviet military leader Marshall of the Soviet Union, Georgy Zhukov in 1974.

Kuban’ Ukraine, Kuban’ People’s Republic, after that Independent Kuban’ People’s Republic (16 February 1918-1920) [was] a Cossack state formation in the Kuban’, she existed for a year and nine months.

The first constitution of KNR proclaimed its lands to be composed of the Black Sea Gubernia, Stavropol Gubernia, and Terek Gubernia.

[On] 23 January 1918 the Lawgiver Council of the Independent Kuban’ People’s Republic passed a resolution about joining the Ukrainian People’s Republic on a federative basis. However, due to aggression of Soviet Russia this merger did not happen. On 17 March 1920, the Kuban’ Republic was destroyed by the bolsheviks.

On 12 October, the Kiev Council renamed the Mel’nikov Street, in the Shevchenko District of Kiev, in honour of the film director Yuri Illenko.

In the Solom’yans’ky District of the capital, the Mechanizatoriv Street was renamed in the honour Maksim Shapoval, intelligence office who died as a result of a terrorist attack.

Maksim Shapoval

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