Insomniac Resurrected

Hello Everyone!

Some of you may remember my old blog “Austere Insomniac” that I started at the end of my undergraduate studies. Sadly I had to delete that website somewhere in 2015, I was going through a difficult period. For short, I had a serious accident that left me crippled, and my parents have divorced, which has led to a complete breakdown of my family.

Almost simultaneously, the object of my passionate interest, that is Ukraine, was going through a similar process of disintegration and alienation from neighbours and relatives. But much like my life, the situation there has stabilised, and due to this strange correlation between my fate and Ukraine’s, I can actually only hope the country does not disintegrate any further.

My interest, in more specifically the identity issues in Ukraine has not left me. I discovered I post Ukraine related content on Facebook and decided to create a separate home for it…

Welcome, and enjoy!

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