Judge Dredd (1995)

Hello everyone!

While I am a political libertarian, and believe in the right to free speech, it is important at the outset, to codify certain rules of civil discourse that will curtail the freedoms of commenters. But initially I shall set out some content boundaries:

§1-This blog shall be about the situation in Ukraine, Russia, and about Russian-Ukrainian relations, in a rather light, memetic but no less serious form.

§2-In the interest of civil discourse, certain toxic debating tactics will not be allowed in order to prevent shitstorms from developing. The content here may be controversial, and may cause passions to run high.

§3-You are not allowed to make baseless accusations about me, or my sources. You are only allowed to be critical of the content I post. That is, if I post a link to RT, you are free to disparage its contents. You are not free to tell me that RT is a “Kremlin mouthpiece”, I know that without you. You are also not allowed to call me names like: “sovok”, and accuse me of being part of the “Kremlin troll brigade”.

§4-You will stick to the topic of my posts and will not discuss my personal life, unless that is the topic of that post. Neither will you discuss the personal lives of any commenters here, or the sources I post about with the aim to discredit them, unless it is relevant to the topic of my posts.

§5-Whataboutism is not allowed. Stick to the topic of the post, or shut up. If I write a post critical about Ukraine, I don’t want to read bleating: “…but in Russia!”. If I write a post critical of Russia, I don’t want to hear bleating about United States. This derails discussion of issues at hand.

§6-Referring to countries in question as “Rashka” or “Khokhlostan” is funny but it is stupid, and I don’t want it here. Also, referring for instance to Putin as “khuylo” and Poroshenko as “piggy” will be treated the same. Please use normal, and not emotion laden language. Although, you may refer to Stalin as “Borat”, that one is allowed.

§7-If I catch you doing any of these things, your comments will be purged, and you will be referred to this post for reflection. And if this doesn’t help, you will be permanently banned.

§8-Any other apparent instances of toxic behaviour will be written into the law, and this document shall be amended according to need.

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