The Day of Vyshyvanka

The vyshyvanka is a traditional embroidered shirt or tunic warn in all of the Russias. It is traditional to Belarus, Greater Russia, and Ukraine but only in Ukraine did this become a national garment that even has its own holiday. In Russia, only ultraconservative weirdoes wear this. This is literally medieval cosplay kind of clothing. It probably became popular first in Western Ukraine around the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century, and it had a lot to do with the local Ukrainian nationalists LARPing as Cossacks. In the post-Soviet days, this fetish has infected the rest of Ukraine because the government of Ukraine likes promoting the culture of West Ukrainian nationalists…

But something went wrong:

The president, Zelensky wore a Russian style kosovarotka. And the kosovarotka is well, Greater Russian…

Meanwhile in the trenches of Donbas:

Konstantin Borovoy

Vyshyvanka goes well with an automatic rifle