How my Facebook Profile was Deleted on Christmas Day

So, on December 26, my Facebook was mercilessly vapourized out of existence without me being notified as to why. All my friends, all my ex girlfriends, my photos from holidays, my creations, and other stuff gone…


I suspect I got caught up in a rage sweep. Literally an hour after I wrote a comment underneath a post made by a Czech right-wing anti-immigration politician about the organisation Médecins Sans Frontières, which is engaged in trafficking migrants into Europe. My comments said that people should not send organisations like this money because those 3$ they send don’t even buy a morning coffee in the office. And I think I added that they will be fine because they have billionaire backers.

Later I discovered that I am on a list. I have been listed among the people, who troll an internet initiative #Jsmetu (“We are here”), which calls for the monitoring of social media discussions. Naturally, people started mocking it as a totalitarian, anti free speech initiative. They began a group #JsmeTu Original 1984, of which I was a member.

This individual called Jan Cemper is the author of that list.


Jan is a homosexual (in a good way, nothing against that), and he has a speech impediment because his mouth is malformed. I can’t say because I don’t watch Czech TV enough. His Wikipedia is really rich, it says he engages in “Refugees Welcome” protests, was in the Antifa. He is also an environmental activist. He also runs a hoax debunking website Manipulátoř, (“Manipulators”) where he does not shy away from creating lists of people, who do not share his political vision.

The post includes my conversation I had on the page he investigated:


By sheer coincidence, I also discuss the issue of financing of NGOs like Médecins Sans Frontières, whom I call [People] Smugglers Sans Frontières, and say that I would not even send them Monopoly money.

Médecins Sans Frontières Goes After Kids’ Pocket Money to Fish Migrants out of the Mediterranean

It has become increasingly common for NGOs to use schools to spread propaganda and extract revenues, and the schools are all too willing to lend them their time…

This is a case from the Czech Republic, translation below:

This week, much like every year, a project focusing on the work of Médecins sans frontières is taking place at the Primary School Vejrostova. Throughout the week, the pupils will have the chance to contribute from their pocket money towards a collective fund. The collected money will then be sent to the account of Médecins sans frontières. Thanks to the contributions made by, among others, the Primary School Vejrostova, the ships of the Médecins sans frontières have been able to save 79,530 refugees from the Mediterranean and bring them to safety in Europe.

If I learned anything in my life, and I did not learn it in school (in school we were feeding the Somalis, it didn’t help it seems), is that you should never spend any money on charities. Trust me, these people have some very wealthy donors, and many of the charities hide political agenda behind humanitarian work…