I guess you failed…

Every now and then I see on social media some transsexual making a tantrum in shop or restaurant over the vendor or barista failing to identify the gender of the former.

I am however thinking that if people call you a dude, you kinda failed in your transition. I have assumed a transition is a process at which end you switch from one sex to another. And while the latter is biologically impossible, the goal of the transition is to resemble the opposite sex as much as possible.

If then you get misgendered, it is your fault, not the fault of the unfortunate person calling you “sir”. You are just an ugly guy in a drag, this is how you are perceived. You must do better…

Tim became Kim

4 thoughts on “Misgendered?

  1. Hmm… perhaps it’s because for Muricans, the trans probably rely a bit on daydreaming to make up the part where they’re fucking up. Kinda like how you play one of them older games and you kinda have to do that to make sense out of the game. Well, not everyone has enough money to go through a real professional transition. Not everyone has the heart to really go full lady. They want female’s comfort and luxury and how even when they get shitted on, they can still find a way out. But they don’t necessarily want to look that lady-like to do that.

    Meanwhile for Asia, ever since the end of WW2, every country has went full fuck-men mode (and for China, it became the same ever since China’s opened up all the way till Xi came out and be like “enough is enough” – I have my doubt about the effectiveness of Xi’s way on re-introducing masculinity, but he’s on the right direction though. Like many things about the mother land; right direction but complete shit tactics. Another story). The type of parenting and education system in the Far East simply discourage any sense of real masculinity. Lower class have it a bit better, so are the upper-class. I’d say it’s the Asian middle-class who has the most riced out idea about being real men and has it the worst.

    You simply don’t build a strong man by having them become committed and “disciplined” while steal away any chance of developing assertiveness, especially if you have a guy go through that shit when he’s just a preteen little boy. At the end of the day, the mainstream middle-class males is Asia are beta AF – just look at BTS. They’re only rivaled by them yuppie ass Asian American males who were raised by tiger parenting – actually, tiger parenting is mostly a mainstream Asian middle-class thing, and from what I’ve read, back in the 70s, besides Vietnam War refugees, a lot of such crowds from South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan moved to US and US government back then used those guys to shit on civil rights movement. They formed the backbone of “model minority” myth and from what I can see, they seem to be the source of all the awkwardness among Asian Americans.

    Ok, enough lessons on modern history and sociology. It’s because of that, they have no faith in masculinity at all and there’s really nothing stopping them from going full bitch. Also, there are so many fancy female fashionista for them to get inspiration from. So they just go with it and some of them end up becoming even more feminine than their actual female counterpart. Is it a good thing or a bad thing… depending on how you look at it I guess. I don’t like it personally and I do believe someone needs to put a stop to it, but it needs to be done right or shit will get even worse.

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    1. I have made the post only about blokes transitioning into bitches. There is a smaller contingent of women trying to be boyish. But they mostly stop half way in the tomboy, non-binary phase. Honestly, most bitches that define themselves through their job or career are like blokes to me.

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      1. Female-to-male trans stop because they’ve done realized how hard it is to be a man in the year of 2023. That said, they’ll return to their former bitchy selves, where they can afford to be a gigantic bitches who worship psychopaths or Pookies and Ray Ray while shitting on all the men with any sense of civility, taste and class.

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      2. I think also women are simply unable to get shit done. To take things to their logical conclusion, especially if it comes to life transforming decisions. I think the higher male suicide is also partially due to men having the balls to off themselves. Men tend to have greater dedication to things and causes.

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