Who is Baking With Ukraine?

So, the above is the front page of the Czech by weekly newspaper Forum, and this week’s topic is Ukrainian grain. The subtitle says “Who is not baking with Ukraine is baking with Russia”. And my first thought was what are they baking in the office?

You see, recently Jiří X. Doležal joined their team. Doležal is the most famous Czech weed smoker. I personally like his writings on cannabis legalisation but that is where my agreement with him ends. Anyway, I think he has the best grade in Prague. Ukrainian President, Zelensky is also a weed smoker, he prefers Sativa dominated strains.

Speaking of the current controversy about Ukrainian grain imports into EU, I am quite skeptical. On one hand, I find this funny because I don’t want the Kiev regime to get any money but the agrarian lobby in Europe is one of the most mendacious entities on planet Earth. And they could as well be running a smear campaign against Ukrainian food imports in the media.

You really don’t know which group of cunts you should support in this case?

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