One thought on “This is What Propaganda Looks Like

  1. One thing I’ve learned; if it’s from “US or UK official/intelligence” when it comes to Ukraine, don’t believe it. This casualties report is of the similar nature as the report of Russia running out of ammunitions, as opposed to the report of US/NATO’s weapon manufacturer can’t keep up with Ukraine military’s ammo comsumption rates of early February. At this point, they’re just trying to portray Russia as the loser, especially in Artyomovsk where Zelensky was successfully baited that his boy Zaluzhny (who at least somewhat knows what he’s doing) and even US and UK can’t talk him out of it. Zaluzhny may become a trouble, as I wouldn’t be too surprised if US or NATO wants him to replace Zelensky. As Zelensky refuses to retreat, the lies in Western media about the situation in the front line will become increasingly absurd, as they’re trying to cover Zelensky’s sorry ass.

    The way I see it, Prigozhin got the cocaine gnome good there. I can kinda foresee a possibility of some kind of power struggle between him and Putin in the future, but that’s beyond the point. I think he has Zelensky’s emotional gangsta ass figured all out; he knows Zelensky is a comedian with minimal experience with military strategy but some natural talent in boosting up morale, and Zelensky is also trying to use Artyomovsk to boost up Ukrainian military’s low morale. Therefore, Ukrainian troops will be least likely to retreat from that town, and all he has to do is to have Wagner cause as many casualties on Ukraine’s side as possible, with capturing the city being the second goal. The worst-case scenario would actually be Ukrainian troops making a tactical retreat, like how the Russians did it in Kherson, and setting up kill zones along the roads to Slavyansk and Kramatorsk while use the remaining manpower and equipment to fortify those two cities. Right now, it’s probably too late even if Zelensky somehow wakes up from it and decides to do that, as too much has been lost. Wagner got him good on this one, whether Western media wants to acknowledge it or not.

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