4 thoughts on “Close the Schools!

  1. This is some ironic shit, but what if at some point, the world needs high school dropouts like me to save everyone, as we’re the only ones with sanity attached?

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    1. I knew school is gonna suck from the first day in school in 1989. Schools are indoctrination centres, they always were since the days of Prussian schools in the eighteenth century. The content of the bullshit preached changes but it is all meaningless and useless shit. The teachers are usually halfwits that can’t teach for shit. I have learned all the useful mathematical skills at home. And I still have shit Czech when I write. Even in university they tried to push this woke shit on us. I am glad I grew up in the nineties when there was an ideological vacuum because of the confusion from collapsed Communism. I would not like to be in school now.

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      1. This is something I’ve been trying to tell my fellow Chinese and other Asians; their blind dedication to school and blind sense of filial piety will cost them dearly one day. Only if they ever listen.

        I mean come on now: besides me, when’s the last time you see any Asian person who has interests in knowing the origin of today’s education system? No. They only care about how to get their asses in top paying job without knowing what the top paying jobs actually are actually about and what will their actions and their company’s policy leads to. They only care about making their parents happy, so their sorry asses won’t get caned (I be like “you scared of some 5-foot-tall ass old fucks?”), on top of some inheritance bullshit after their parents’ death. They don’t really care about any sort of inner mechanism nor the corporate and political interests behind things. They only care about what can get them what they want.

        Such mentality will fuck any Asian country in the ass if they dare to come up with anything of their own. They’ll forever be viewed as consumers who’re meant to be controlled, no matter if it’s Democrats or Republicans (even the newer generation ones). However, Asians just don’t get it. Asians just want to appear right and powerful and all “nationalistic” while getting paid without any inner logic framework to actually put up a fight against the Anglo hegemony. I try to tell everyone all that and nobody listened, so I eventually changed into the same attitude I have on Democrats/Republicans/shitlibs/newer conservatives like Trump and DeSantis…etc…I be like “you know what? Why should I care? Psssh”. The best thing I can do now, would be to raise everyone’s awareness of the abuses that take place in East Asia (you wonder why I had all those pictures of Asians being abused on my Facebook back then?) and if I have the resource to pull this through, try to come up with a way to save the ones who got fucked over hard by such society…the true rejects who may be on their ways to suicide in Japan or South Korea, or those Chinese runaway kids, and all the child abused victims across East Asia – the ones who actually wanna stand up for themselves that is, as I don’t like to carry those with uncurable Stockholm Syndrome. I believe they deserve better than having all their potential stolen away through abuses disguised as “discipline” and all the bullying.

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      2. People erroneously assume schools are there to teach kids something. I am sorry, they are not, maybe expensive private schools for the elite are but the rest are brainwash factories where your nerdy kid is gonna get bullied by subhumans, and will have trauma all his adult life. Really, homeschooling, private tutors and other things are a path to real education. Schools will be closed eventually when the state realises they are a serious drain on resources.

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