Olena Zelenskaya Has Rape Fantasies

The First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenskaya recently went full Marie Antoinette with her claim that Ukrainians can suffer the lack of electricity of another 3 years… that’s even worse than eating cake, because what she actually said is Ukrainians will eat shit and enjoy it for another three years.

But she was taking a cue from some late Nazi regime propaganda too:


3 thoughts on “Olena Zelenskaya Has Rape Fantasies

  1. Let’s just say that, after following advice of some stupid American on how “family is all you got at the end”, I had a ruined Thanksgiving as I had to put up with that ASPD having ass bitch aka my mother. I had to leave early, but not early enough. All in all, I’m in a perfect mood of making Olena’s dream comes true, at her own expense of course. She may suffer from PTSD after I’m done with her.

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    1. Dude, I had a quarrel with my mother this morning as well. I need coins because there is nowhere to buy drink in the castle but a lousy machine that doesn’t always take card. She did not have any. But then we calmed down.

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      1. Bro, at least your mother actually respect your personal boundaries. I got into beef because she tried to scrap off salts on my prime rib. Nobody touches my shit. And based on the stuffs she said, I bet she was hoping that I get to fuck up big time so I get to move back, so she gets to be the mother again and dictatey life. You wonder why most serial killers have strong, strict and domineering mother and a weak, simp excuse of a father? And you wonder why there are more child abuse cases done by mother instead of father? I recommend Erin Pizzey’s books. She was onto something about how women are actually responsible for domestic violence.

        Anyways, I didn’t let that ageing ASPD bitch get what she wants. The fact that I had to spend time in the same dinning room with the ASPD bitch and uber simp has already got me riled up enough.

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