Current Thing Olympics

Some people these days really want to use public events and spaces to promote their dorky political ideas. Apparently in Qatar homosexuality is banned. But Westerners think they hold the moral high ground and can virtue signal about it.

This dude packed up two other causes celebrated by the Church of the Current Thing, Ukraine and Iranian women. I am surprised he did not add the Chinese anti-covid protesters, the Tigre rebels, or some other Western media favourite. Well, China ain’t Russia or Iran, and actually has some influence. I guess a memo hasn’t been issued to show support to the protesting Chinese, and besides the point forces out here in the West wouldn’t mind instituting the same measures here. As for Tigre rebels, they lost…

4 thoughts on “Current Thing Olympics

  1. Speaking of Chinese influence, I believe I have an explanation: among Chinese Americans, there are those who play multiculturalism very well. Chinese Americans love to represent what they perceived as Chinese culture and not afraid to show it. It’s kind of an Asian American thing, and I believe the same can be said for Canada and Australia. Basically, it’s that same NAACP bullshit that I’ve shitted on back in my Fuckbook days. However, it works well with the mainstream Chinese people’s interest, which is to establish relationship with government and corporations, so business transaction can happen easier.

    And as for why I don’t feel being benefitted by any of them, is because I focus more on things such as having a great time, being treated well, equal relationship (not sure if you noticed that, but I like to make friends with different races, ethnicities and nationalities. Internationalists and globalists are two different things. That said, there’s no way in hell I’d allow myself to get fucked over nor being undignified). And because of that, I care more about healthy interactions rather than profits or that pro-China diaspora’s sense of pride, or the anti-China diaspora’s autistic attempt at kissing up to the Western right wings as of late, nor the profits…I do care about money, but I just don’t feel like having my life revolves around it way too much. Oh and there’s no way in hell that I’d give a fuck about my family. Therefore, I tend to look at the common tactics used by Chinese Americans with disdain, as I don’t feel I’m benefitted from it – honestly, it’s fucking me over in many ways.

    Also, the economic ties may play a role too. Since China got so many foreign corporations invest in it, and there’re so many middle-class Asiatic massive cucks who crave for things such as iPhone, Louis Vuitton…etc, the West will try to cut China some slacks, at least in public. That said, it’s a totally different story when it comes to what goes on behind the scenes and the way how Chinese diaspora are treated on a personal basis, especially by working class (left wing and right wing alike, working class in US and maybe Europe seem to have a huge grudge with China and Chinese for one reason or another).

    Now, if Russia wants it, then Russian Americans should’ve tried to play some of that NAACP card. Putin should lower the wages even further; make the shifts longer; and have the education focuses more on obedience and that borderline nihilistic bone crushing disciplinary, ability to take bullshit like drinking a cup of water as well as the no-brainer concept of memorizing basic hard knowledge instead of training kids to be intuitive thinkers. All of which may result in massive uproars among many Russians. Putin probably understands that too, and that’s why he didn’t go full China on this. Not to mention it can lead to many long-term side effects on the society, most notably a highly manipulatable populations (wonder why MacArthur had such easy time mind fucking East Asia by helping with reviving Confucianism?), which I believe Russia would want to avoid.

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    1. Note for instance how Activision-Blizzard kicked out a professional player of some of their franchise because he supported the HK protest.


      1. I’ve known the incident. I remember I’ve made a post about that too. Economic ties based on consumerism and investment combined with race card. Chinese nationalists don’t think much of it for the most part, and some dumber ones actually believe that Western corporations have China’s best interest in mind and are impressed by China’s wealth, but I’m horrified when I see things like this. It decreases China’s ability to form a decent talking point and may put Chinese Americans in a really dangerous situation, as the Americans, whites and blacks alike, are looking at us as bunch of little Rothschild, and they’re ready to make a Jesus Christ out of genuine one like myself. Not to mention modern day Chinese Americans make a really shitty fighter. Yet for some magical reason, Chinese people don’t seem to care, and it leaves me wonder what I should do while dealing with all that bullshit.

        As for Blizzard, they know the damages they’ve done too. But to them, profit is profit. A very profit-oriented company vs an equally profit-oriented but completely socially fucking clueless people. At the end, we get an Asperger dragon that looks intimidating but may get stomped any day, really easily too.

        Like I said, it has a lot to do with Chinese people’s priority, and that will fuck China in the ass one day.


  2. There are many things that disgust me, such as the playing damsel in distress way too often, backward people

    One thing that horrifies me the most, is the lack of ability to move from things to things – such as when I’m forced to spend time with no one else but my own “peeps” only, and there’s nowhere that wants to take me in when I want to move there to run from bullshit.

    And another thing that horrifies me, is when I’m at a very socially disadvantaged position, where folks may try to bully me yet a. won’t allow me to complain b. I’m being viewed as fucking Godzilla of some sort c. I have very limited ability to fight back due to the social disadvantage.

    Yet, most Chinese in US don’t care for some reason.

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