I Will Never Buy Douglas Murray’s Books

Gonzalo Lira, reads an article written by Douglas Murray for the New York Post, he outs him as a Zelensky regime propagandist…

Murray has several books where he ushers critique at the current state of the West. Here is the problem though, the market seems over saturated with these pop-philosophy titles, and many bring nothing groundbreaking to the table. I really feel like a young girl on Tinder getting the attention from all the simps, and having to choose who am I going to read can really be motivated by many factors. I have recently tapped into Jason Reza Jorjani, the dude seems to have a vast knowledge of ancient mythology, which is what I need. I don’t need Murray’s moaning about Islamic immigration, and western cuckolds, I live among them.

There is also, Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens, which offers an interesting outline of human history. I have also delved in my project into transhumanism, and try to link the latter to ancient mythological ideas. There is better shit out there than Douglas Murray. Who gives a fuck if the West dies, the latter needs to die because we can build something better in its stead.

2 thoughts on “I Will Never Buy Douglas Murray’s Books

  1. Harari is pseudohistorical non-sense, you can check history for atheists blog and look for Harari, to see how much is he full of shit.

    Super talented writer tho, he should write fiction, but dude’s totally illiterate for history, which does not cope well with wannabe history commentary, what his books are supposed to be.


    1. It is not like I am rushing to buy any of his books. There is Heidegger, and there is this book on Transhumanism. I was just interest in ways Harari thinks or history. I actually like pseudo historical works because often the important thing is not what actually was but what people think there was.


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