The Drone War

Some years ago I watched videos of how Russians fight in Syria. The Syrian conflict never interested me deeply but those videos taught how modern Russian military works. It’s drones they are using extensively.

The Russian Federation is sending fucking Gerani (note: the Russian name for Iranian shaheed drones) as if they are some paper planes. We are fervently trying to shoot the birds, but some are reaching their destination and are blowing up into tatters fortifications and machinery. Where this the Russians get so many of them from? They are making them in the garages or what? Where is our answer? Where are the Bayraktars (Turkish made drones previously supplied to Ukraine).

I am speaking to the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Something needs to be done pronto. We are being fucked by drones from the air.

Everything was cool, there was quiet for more than a week, and today everything started. We have a period of escalation or what? Why are they fucking us this hard? Do you wanna unleash all the drones in one day?

2 thoughts on “The Drone War

  1. As we all know, Russia didn’t even unleash anything big just yet. Putin did it this way for multiple reasons. However, it’s the West and Ukraine itself, who foolishly believe that they were seeing Russia’s full strength. And something tells me that this barrage of drones is not even within Russian military’s full potential.

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  2. Those drones that fell on Odessa are either Iranian supplied, or made in Russia according to a project supplied by Iran. This is more a technology testing than anything else, and so far the drones are proving to be very effective. I have a video on my channel from the Odessa port.


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