3 thoughts on “Mourning the Queen, the Royal Family vs. Hong Kong Youth

  1. This is the problem with East Asians: folks are easily impressed, easily intimidated by an outside force that they have little understanding of. They lack the willingness for inferencing too, and therefore, they will never come to the understanding of truth – you don’t need to understand the truth to be rich; men make money, but the act of making money doesn’t make one a man. Also, to make it worse, most East Asians are overly stressed and lack spiritual life, and therefore they crave for some sense of romance. You wonder why the Japanese were so obsessed with Paris back in the 80s? And why there’s that obsession with tiramisu and other similar desserts throughout East Asia?

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    1. A French guy I knew that live in HK as a teenager told me the locals would adopt whatever Western trend and blow it out of proportion.

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      1. It’s called Hong Cuck for a good reason. The funny thing is, they have that superiority complex towards us Mainlanders. In their world view, Hong Kong is number 1, and Taiwan is number 2, meanwhile Mainlanders and Indians are the lowest…which is funny, considering how many Indian nationalist trolls love the showdown in 2019.


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