The Murder of Darya Dugina

Sorry for not writing about it earlier but I have a demanding job, and can’t sleep at night, this combo just wrecks me…

Mark Sleboda had a good comment:

Mark Sleboda @MarkSleboda1 – 9:11 UTC · Aug 21, 2022

The attempted assassination of Dugin which instead resulted in the killing of his daughter, was part of the increasingly demented propaganda and infowar of a desperate and crumbling U.S. proxy Putsch regime in Kiev in lieu of success on the battlefield of which it is incapable.

The killing of “Putin’s brain” who “inspired” the Russian intervention in the Ukrainian civil conflict would be celebrated by Kiev regime propagandists as a “victory”. It does not matter in the slightest that none of it is true.

It doesn’t matter that in reality Dugin has never met or spoken to Putin. It doesn’t matter that his unique ideas had zero influence in the Kremlin and little to none in the rest of Russian society. It doesn’t matter that to the contrary the Kremlin got Dugin fired from Moscow State University and banned him from government media because of his strident views on the Putsch in Ukraine at a time when the Kremlin was pushing the Minsk accords to resolve the civil conflict there.

The truth doesn’t matter because Dugin has been blown up as a caricature bogeyman in the minds of the West and Putsch-controlled Ukraine. And his assassination would thus still serve as a propaganda victory, in spite of it’s complete divorce from reality.

In this, the Western media which caricatured and inflated Dugin and the Western governments which nonsensically sanctioned him are fully complicit in the murder of Darya Dugina, his daughter.


The FSB has uncovered the culprit:

Meet Natalya Vovk

Natalya came to Russia with her daughter, pretending to be a refugee…

She rented a place in the house where Dugin lives:

Around Moscow she drove around in a Mini Cooper using three different license plate. That of Kazakhstan, Donetsk People’s Republic, and Ukraine…

The Mini is now for sale the vendor has the same surname as Vovk’s daughter:

Afterwards she fled to Estonia:

Here is a military ID issued in 2020 by the National Guard, I heard Vovk is close to the Azov Battalion. She appears on the ID with the name of the vendor of the Mini Cooper.


Quite frankly, I don’t know what the point of this operation was. Dugin, by all accounts had a minor influence. However, Ukrnazis cannot be expected to be deep thinkers, nor can people that experienced joy from what happened.

Alexander Dugin and Darya Dugina

2 thoughts on “The Murder of Darya Dugina

    1. Dude, a lot of things the Ukrainian regime does is for domestic consumption. They need peremohas aka. victories to present. And so they chose an easy target, that was irrationally hyped as Putin’s brain. It is this bad. It is a PR stunt.

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