Kyiv Post Calls on Olena Semenyaka to Whitewash Azov Battalion

Thank the gods this is jut Kyiv Post, an English language Ukrainian rag. It would be worse if this was some Western media…

Above is Olena Semenyaka celebrating her acceptance into an Austrian university. Leftists snooped her out, and the university rejected her.

4 thoughts on “Kyiv Post Calls on Olena Semenyaka to Whitewash Azov Battalion

  1. Former White House Journalist Kate Burrows Jones spoke to Olena , or an MP’s assistant, which I assume was Semenyaka – Burrows Jones obviously failed to do a basic background check on this woman (Olena is also on Declan Hayes banned Strategic Culture site . (There is a strong Nordic Fascist movement, and mercenary snipers have been operating in Ukraine since 2014 and post on their linked in accounts.)

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    1. I think the West covertly supports these Neonazis in Ukraine. And I suspect these Western volunteers are directed by Western secret services to go and fight in Ukraine.


      1. The term The West is a broad generalisation, but certainly elements under this flag do like to interfere in foreign politics without really considering the long term impact of their interference (probably because they know they will not be held accountable for this interference) – Speaking of generalisations – I have been called an anglo saxon by a pro Russian Czech when , in fact I am of Celtic ancestry (Ferguson is a Scottish name , but also has heritage in Northern Ireland through the Presbyterian denomination). As I mentioned in my initial reply – I assume Semenyaka is the MP’s assistant Burrows Jones interviewed in Kyiv: do you know the MP she assists ? I have found a link between Semenyaka and the pro Putin philosopher Alexander Dugin – Olena was a member of the FOURTH POSITION and agreed with the Neo Eurasian movement before becoming a prominent figure head for the Azov…Azov -Natalya Vovk has been fingered as the assassin behind the car explosion that killed Dugina, and I think the FSB were tracking Vovk before the car bombing because they fingered her almost immediately as responsible for the assassination attempt on Dugin himself. ( I have also come across a link with Boston born nazi -Richard Bertrand Spencer , who was married to Georgian Nina Kouprianova ). I do think the FSB wanted to use the assassination attempt on Dugin to highlight the far right Azov, and I wonder whether Azovstaal owner Rinat Ahmetov had any involvment in the plot ? Perhaps Akhmetov supplied the Azov and civilians under siege ? With his business being in the Donbas region, cooperation with both sides would be useful to him.

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      2. Semenyaka followed a familiar path that she shares with other East Ukrainian radicals. Many were Duginists, and then in the 2000s they all switched to neonazism or working for Western funded NGOs. Akhmetov used his money to support Azov to protect his assets but I don’t know how involved he is with Azov. These big oligarchs act upon these groups through middlemen like Genadiy Korban, Boris Filatov, and in the case of Azov, Arsen Avakov. These mid tier folks are the pimps. Akhmetov likely saw Azov as useful because they protected his properties in Mariupol.


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