Mingers Signal Death Stares on a Hot OnlyFans Mom

This story has everything you need to know about the society we live in. An OnlyFan model with no man apparently because no man in his right mind would wanna wife a girl that shows off to simps.

Insecure and controlling minger moms give death stares to a hottie because they fear their husband would for once in his life sleep with a hot girl.

Maybe their husbands are way out of their league. In the age of Tinder and general sexlessness, average at best women marry dudes that they don’t deserve. All that is possible.

If you ever wondered why many are just jaded, burned out, lack ambition and the will to do anything, here is why. And you are just wondering, why is the hottie on OnlyFans? Why don’t the mingers hit the treadmill? Why does everyone just hate on the next man?

8 thoughts on “Mingers Signal Death Stares on a Hot OnlyFans Mom

  1. There’s a saying, if a woman is too controlling and refuse to give you any freedom, then she doesn’t worth your time. The chances are, she got issues of her own and/or she’s one of them passive aggressive, childish AF, daydreaming type of bitches who hold way too much fantasy about the real world. Real men are the ones who tell them to fuck off and put their asses in their places. The ones who actually comply to their demands out of “being gentleman” and/or commitment, are not real men. I feel sorry for those men, as in many cases, it can be blamed on their parenting. They just don’t have the opportunity to snap out of it. But either way, nothing they say or do should be served as example of how to get it on with women in today’s world.

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    1. I agree, too controlling a woman is a huge red flag but boys are taught that there is something wrong with them and hence if honey is acting up, they do not consider this to be bad behaviour but rather blame themselves. They try to make it write with honey and she hates them for it. It is ridiculous…

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      1. See, I’d like to have hearts. However, nothing, I mean nothing in life, is more pathetic than to fall for your wife or your family member’s guilt trip. They often manipulate your guilt to achieve their own personal agenda, whether it’s about financial gain or about personal ego boost. I’ve seen many of those so-called “alpha males”, “sigma males”, “Chads”, “Tyrone”, or whatever folks call them nowadays, fall for this type of guilt trip and have their girls or even their own fucking parents fuck their shits up hard. This is just pathetic. If it’s a female who falls for guilt trip, especially if it’s one of them big and tall ass Asian bitch who allow herself to take it up the ass from her mama, then I’d made her love me long time. Can’t say no to the liberation pussies (liberating some tall ass Asian girl from her ultra-disciplinarian, midget ass mama, then pound the line outta her. It’s one of the sweetest joy out there). But for dudes, it’s just pathetic, period!

        And one more thing to mention. Over-controlling women are not only damaging to their boyfriends/fiancés/husbands, but they also have high tendency to abuse their own children too. Truth to be told, women are actually more likely to physically or emotionally abuse their kids than men. If the men are wondering whether it’s due to something wrong with them, that their girls are acting like that to them, then how can they protect their kids from the psycho bitch excuse of girlfriend/wife/mother? The ones who sacrifice their kids for the sake of appeasing their significant others, have no rights to claim themselves as men!

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  2. Btw Leos, as I can tell you’re someone with a keen observation skill and a unique analyzing style, and we tend to agree about the topic of women, I want to hear your insights on this. You see, as I was watching a video about tiramisu earlier…swear tons of dumb ass 18 to 30 or even 40 Asian bitches love that shit along with things like taiyaki and anything with thick layer of sweet cream on top or as filling along with some pastry or some sweet drink. They tend to eat it with cream pie faces too. That, along with those full body massage videos, which are usually either white or Asian bitches. I always wonder, what is up with Asian bitches sometimes. Do they have to be so annoyingly happy, to the level that they come across as being childish?

    White bitches are kinda like that, but Asians are way worse. At least whites may or may not have some actual intellectual content (avoid the US upper-middle class or hipster crowds). They may say something smart and make some really good points and may even help you physically from time to time. But Asian? Shit, all they have to do is to get massage on God know which part of their body. I almost feel like getting creative and draw hentai or some shit based on that…who knows? Maybe I get to come up with banks, faster than my new, RTX3090 ingrained Ethereum mining desktop I bought back in June. Yet, with their bitchy, needy, judgmental attitude and the ability of refusing to get down (no other women can master that “slutty yet uptight AF” bullshit than Asian bitches). Just take orders from Asian international students at any restaurant near UW in Seattle, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s like…they try to be a female character from an anime or Korean drama. They copy that sense of fashion (naked legs everywhere, many with 3 quarters or half exposed asses too, yet with a really prude tops), then they may eat like pigs, or they may get really shy to the level of being creepy. A lot of them seems really unnatural and really annoying the fuck out of me.

    What are your thoughts on Asian bitches who’re like that?


    1. Like my Taiwanese ex would immediately have sex with me upon seeing me, and would admire my evolved penis, only to complain later that her pussy hurts. But I would not say this is a problem of modern women in general. Most of them are average at best, and think they are superheroines and goddesses of sex.

      A lot of them have so much issues, your dick will have a problem remaining hard. I see women that just lost all guidance. For some reason the Asians I see look more decent than local whites but that maybe because there are simply more of the aboriginals and the kind of Asians that come to my tours are a certain sophisticated type that is into history and culture.

      The problem is the degradation and lack of direction of people in developed countries.


      1. For the Asian girls who’re into history and culture, let me tell you something; we Asians can be some of the most double-faced fuckers out there ever. The more worldly ones tend not to act a certain way in public. You will have to spend enough time with them to know how big of a skanky ass bitch they really are, and combined with their pseudo romantic taste of things like tiramisu and cakes or some other shits like that, it just makes me cringe. Shit you probably know too. You did broke up with that Taiwanese bitch after all didn’t you? There’s gotta be a reason.

        In comparison with white girls. Sure those yoga everyday, organic seaweed salad with a side of beyond meat, ASMR type of white bitches, or the feminazi ones or even the trailer park types, they’re there. But at least from my experience, if you’re into a more social aspect of things, whites got way more to offer compares to Asians. They have contents, life experience, sense of humor and ability to tolerate failures and frustration. Asians got none of that. Matter fact, I say they’re mostly just 6 year old baby girls trapp d in adult women’s bodies. Other than fucking, Asian ones in general has little to offer. The Asians that are not in the West are actually better, as far as social aspect goes, but not that much.

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      2. The Taiwanese chick had serious issues. She had debts, and was lazy af. I ain’t an idiot, and a simp to marry a girl like that. But really, she wasn’t very much different to the white chicks around me now. The problem is these girls are a single use, and would become a liability if you associate with them on a deeper level. They would drag you into the shit, that they don’t even realize they are in. Women would brag about how they want a guy who has his shit together, and how they are the prize. In reality, they want a sucker, who is going to save them from themselves, and the prize he gets is a small time in a used up vag. Today’s women have generally very little to offer. And I don’t mean even she don’t cook or clean, you can’t expect that of a modern woman. However, men want women for sex, love, and companionship over that housewife thing. Women don’t offer even that. A friend of mine took a girl to parties in Prague, and on a trip to Paris, and she still did not bust it open, even though they had a number of intimate moments. Social life and travel boyfriend. I told him she probably has a fuckboy on a side that does not take her to parties and to Paris but busts the nut. These chicks would have the guys on rotation. They would have several sexually inactive orbiting drones, or even several fuckboys. Your wish for love and companionship, let alone sex is impossible.

        Even the sex is overrated. You must reckon with the fact that the chicks today are horribly promiscuous, and you are just the dude, who had his turn.

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      3. Sex, love and companionship… actually that’s what I’m looking for in women, and perhaps a sense of understanding and acceptance. You’ve just read me right there. I’m not even expecting them to cook nor clean. Actually, I find the trade wife a bit dull and boring, to say the least. However, not only they can’t do that, they tend to go on social media, preferably the ones that allows the sharing of videos and pictures, to demonstrate how comfortable they live, with all those videos of them getting massaged; eating fancy, cute looking food; playing that kinky, borderline softcore porn “games” with their girlfriends; try to talk like a 5 year old and think it’s cute – I wonder, what kind of straight man actually want them for anything other than a one night stand, after hearing that tone of voice along with the actual content of what they said. If they use that voice to actually say something smart, then it’s ok, but there’s almost nothing smart coming out of their mouths. Ok I get it, they have it good, but do they need to rub it to everyone’s face? Not to mention the amounts of bitching coming from their Olive Garden asses; modern women love to play moral high ground. They’re addicted to picking personal flaws of the men they come across without thinking what kind of shit they said or what the man’s circumstance is. They can get triggered into cussing men off by almost anything imaginable. On top of their addiction of playing smart ass and their affinity with every known lowlifes…you know, the Chads and Tyrone… especially Tyrone!

        Forget about sex, love, companionship and understanding and all that. You can’t even make them an acquaintance! And no, they have no class at all. Forget about the fancy name brand clothes, nor that pseudo fantasy/fairy tale sense of fashion. Just watch how they behave when they go out to eat and shop. They can get under the skin of the most easy going clerk. And speaking of sex, when they’re with men, they’ll lose the innocence-wrapped kinkiness they’ve once had with their girl friends when they play those little games in their bedroom or whatever. They’ll become vanilla as fuck! Whatever happened to the kinky shit they’ve shown to everyone on social media?

        Modern day women are mostly garbage, and they need to know that respect is something to be earned, not given. Because tell you what, men are sick and tired. At this rate, we’ll see some real population decline within North America, Europe and East Asia.

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