4 thoughts on “Wash Only These Body Parts if You Want to Piss off Putin

  1. Eventually, we gonna have an army of stank ass anti-Russia man-children who sing children songs at local bars.

    Personally, I really hate this type of gay shit; not just because they’re hysterically anti-Russia, but also the infantile, passive aggressive and overall bitch ass elements of it. Well, look on the bright side though; Putin’s enemies are so easy to diss. I mean, who the fuck in their right minds want anything to do with these ass clown?

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      1. I’d like to believe it’s satire, but I’m not too sure. I mean you’ve seen how ridiculous the anti-Trump protesters’ slogans were back then, right? They probably really came up with this.

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      2. Germany is probably worse on the woke stupefaction spectrum than California or any blue state in the US. The Germans are a special case of PTSD and infantilism.

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