Morgenshtern is Going Back Back…

To Russia, Russia…

I am fucking old, that’s why I quote Biggie Smalls because that’s what I used to listen to back in the nineties, a time when one could actually understand what the rappers are saying. The music has been sung in the vernacular of late. Mumble rap, small brain rap, lean rap is what Morgenshtern does in Russian.

If I want to listen to any kind of that shit, I turn on Kodak Black, Morgenshtern to me is a Russian imitator. But I digress, this post is not about my musical tastes. Morgenshtern left Russia when the shit hit the fan, Russia full on invaded Ukraine to deal some karmic justice…

Now he is coming back…

He is flying from Prague to Dubai, and from Dubai to Moscow. From Prague! Through Dubai! Well it shows two things, Prague ain’t no place for a Russian rapper, even a degenerate one like Morgenshtern.

And the second is that the Middle Easterners are making a killing on transporting Russians from Europe. I don’t understand who are we punishing by refusing to fly directly to Russia. The Russians that can afford this slightly extended flight will travel, and the Arabs will be getting rich instead of us Czechs.

Morgenshtern will probably be ostracized in Russia by conservative cancel activism. So, I would not be surprised if he is again in Prague very soon.

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