OnlyFans “Models” Slaughtered

OnlyFans recently banned adult content but their business remains essentially the same. OnlyFans turns into a commodity the girlfriend experience. That is if you never had a girlfriend, OnlyFans is here to sell you the fantasy of a cam girl being your girlfriend. Only thing is she isn’t, and most likely the person taking pictures of her is also giving her the d. OnlyFans literally thrives on male loneliness and inexperience with women.

Also part of the experience of being a girlfriend is being murdered by your boyfriend. Sounds terrible but it happens, and I was amazed how many cases of simps murdering OnlyFans girls I will find.

The Case of Miss Mercedes

This is Miss Mercedes:

Miss Mercedes wears a tight dress designed to make women like her slimmer. She is very voluptuous and ready to take a long one between her udders. Meaningless tattoo on her left arms says: “I’m trash!” Her face seems heavily painted over. I personally would not like to be seen in public with Miss Mercedes.

Miss Mercedes had an orbiter named Kevin, a Florida man:

The Daily Mail has this to say:

Instagram model Miss Mercedes Morr was found dead by her father, strangled at the bottom of the stairs of her Houston apartment, while her stalker killer stabbed himself in the neck after spending two days writing messages on the walls of her home with lipstick.

Morr, 33, was found dead on Sunday by her father Mark Gagnier. Her killer was Kevin Alexander Accorto, 34, a Florida man who her family says had been stalking her online.

Here are the messages:

LMAO, a militant simp had an epiphany.

The toxic female rapper Cardi B defended Miss Mercedes from online hate. Cardi B is what is wrong with women these days. “There some hoes in the house, there some hoes in this house.” Miss Mercedes’ beta male father thanked the rapper for bringing attention to his daughter’s case. I wonder where this wimp was when his offspring was flashing her assets on the internet?

The Case of Melani Juarez

Relatively attractive if this is your thing…

The Mirror reports:

An OnlyFans model was stabbed to death in a guesthouse before being found by her friends. 

The lifeless body of Melani Juarez, 21, was found with at least 14 stab wounds on Monday in Rosario, Argentina.


One crucial clue that investigators found, was that one of the lodgings’ owners said they saw a male guest suddenly leave on Sunday.

The man had reportedly been staying at the guesthouse for a few weeks, and he is said to have had problems with several other guests.

The owner described Melani as a calm person who did not have issues with anyone.

Agustin, Melani’s brother, told authorities that a man had lived there “until last Sunday”.


I think we have a case of a strong independent woman that liked violent men. The liking for violent individuals may stem from daddy issues, that is having weak or absent fathers. Daddy was a coward and a simp, and therefore honey is looking for a real man but does not have the needed discerning ability. These women choose the troublemaker because their behaviour excites them. This is why you see women with loser drug dealers, it makes little sense from the point of guy’s logic but some women are attracted to that “fuck you” attitude these men display.

The Case of Kitty Kat

This skank Kitty Kat was a bit old, so she does not qualify as an exclusively OnlyFans model. But most of these girls are on Instagram, Twitter, have their own sites etc.

One thing is positive, Kitty Kat kept in shape.

The Daily Star reports:

After 14 years of marriage, Jeffrey and Kathleen West’s relationship appeared to be rock-solid.

The couple, who met in 2004 and tied the knot in Las Vegas the same year, had matching tattoos on their wrists that read “4life” and they would sign off messages to each other with “12345”, which meant “I love you for life”, or “123”, meaning “I love you”.

Jeff had served in the US army for 21 years and was now working as a security guard on a college campus.

Kathleen, who was known as Kat, was a stay-at-home mum to their 12-year-old daughter – but she was also building a career as an online adult model.

Jeff knew exactly what Kat was doing – and would often take the photos.

On 12 January, the couple went out on a date night, enjoying a meal at a seafood restaurant and then visiting a sports bar.

On the way home, they stopped to pick up a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey and a bottle of Lucid Absinthe. CCTV captured them at 9pm, both looking happy.

After more drinks back at their house in Calera, Alabama, Jeff took some photos of Kat wearing a pink sports bra, multicoloured knickers and pink stilettos. Then, at around 5am the next day, a neighbour who was leaving home for work found Kat’s body in the street.

She was lying face down in the gutter wearing just her pink sports bra – and she had suffered a serious head injury.

As police arrived, Jeff came out and reacted to his wife’s death with horror. He said they were drinking until 10.30pm, when he went to bed because he had work the next day.

Kat had stayed up drinking, he claimed, and their dogs woke him up at 5.15am by barking at police when they arrived. Asked what he thought had happened, he said Kat must have fallen.

At one point, he was offered a plea deal – if he admitted his guilt, he would be released immediately for time served. He refused the deal. At his trial in 2020, the prosecution said Jeff had hit his wife over the head with the absinthe bottle, then arranged the scene.

The court heard that Jeff had crime scene investigator training and would know what was needed to make it look like an accident.

A medical expert said Kat’s head injury was too severe to have been caused by a fall. She was only 5ft 2in, so not tall enough for so great a tumble.

The injury was also two inches long and the skin had split open. The force had pushed her brain down to the stem – causing a brain bleed and death.

“It was a considerable amount of force to cause an injury like that,” the doctor said, adding that Kat must have bled very heavily.

Her man was actually suffering because Kitty Kat had a greater sexual drive that he could not keep up with. Shit happens but there is little evidence he killed her. After a bottle of absinthe shit can happen. They jailed the poor fucker for 16 years…

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