Russian is Still the Dominant Language in Ukraine

Remember this blog’s central thesis “Russian is the dominant language in Ukraine”, which claims 80% of Ukrainian linguistic space is occupied by the Russian language. The other day these graphs were sent to me:

It would seem that Ukrainian has gained a little, however, since publishing my thesis, several things have occurred. First off, now all media and businesses must publish their stuff in Ukrainian, This obviously will increase the share of posts in Ukrainian by a considerable amount. But even with this, and not counting Donbas and Crimea, Russian still occupies more than 50% of the Ukrainian linguistic space.

One thought on “Russian is Still the Dominant Language in Ukraine

  1. One thing I wanna say, is how Ukrainian people and Taiwanese people kinda remind me of each other. I was having this discussion with some Ukrainian bitch on Quora and it looks like her knowledge of Russia still remains as that of Soviet’s time. She needs to read up Armenia’s CSTO partnership and Azerbaijan’s position on Russia, which is more of an agree to disagree position rather than a complete alliance. This is not Soviet no more and Azerbaijan is merely a partner. Same with Taiwan and how some of them still believe that today’s China is the same as that of 80’s and 90’s. What a bunch of jokes.


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