Svidomites Destroy a Crimean War Monument

The Ukrainians did not exist at the time of the Crimean War, and so the monument must not exist. Only Russians died in this war. A monument called the Alley of Admirals in Dnepr was dismantled.

Before Svidomism

After Svidomism:


3 thoughts on “Svidomites Destroy a Crimean War Monument

  1. Then again, many of these very same Svidomites also claimed to be “anti-communist” and “anti-Soviets” in the beginning. Now, when did the Crimean War have anything to do with communism? You know what? I’ll say something that I won’t say on places like /pol/ (mofos on /pol/ are too autistic for any sort of serious discussion, but that’s beyond the point): For all the flaws and disasters communism has brought, there’s a reason why I don’t trust these “anti-communist” crowds; they’re not being honest about their shits. For Ukraine, my guess is that they’re trying to secure relationship with the West when in fact EU doesn’t even want Ukraine and neither does NATO even give a fuck…or at least that’s what those Ukrainian oligarchs want it to look like while they keep their Russian assets. Same with the “anti-communists” that are fighting against China as well as how all the neighboring enemies/frenemies of China who use such slogan to take cheap shots at China; all of them are in it either for geopolitical gains or to secure power at home and they’re probably using US as some kind of tool for their own gain. Until there’s actually honest anti-communist who’s not in it for geopolitical gains nor as a tool to do dirty politics, and they can do it without sucking US’, NATO’s or some other globalist NGO’s dick, I will not follow their shits.


    1. What is funny is that the communist times were arguably better for Ukrainians than what they have now. Out of proletarian altruism, the Soviet Union built factories and power plants, ports and railways. The post-communist oligarchy built jack shit and only lives a parasitical existence on the legacy of the USSR. Arguably, the achievements of most post-communist nations are nothing to write home about. Only those countries that were the beneficiaries of large EU investments like Poland and Romania have made some progress. I cannot say the Czech Republic made any noteworthy leaps forward. The Czechs also live on the legacy of the communist times. I wonder what will happen when the nuclear reactors here become obsolete and nothing new is built. Neonazis still live in some skinhead rock against communism fantasy. Anticommunism in Eastern Europe is simply saying that though shall not doubt the current oligarchical order and dream about the times when wealth inequality wasn’t a factor. Arguably, the CCP has done it right, they have made the economy more productive without relinquishing power. In the Soviet bloc, the communist elite simply turned coats.

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      1. I think the problem with post-communist former Soviet blocs is that on one hand, you have those who’re hungry for money and power and they’re particularly blood thirsty about it. To simply put, they’re the mega hustlers. They end up becoming the oligarchs, with the Neonazis acting as their goons. Then you have the non-thinking peasants who you can tell them anything and they’ll believe it. If things go wrong, the oligarchs will just direct the blame onto USSR or even Russia as a whole civilization – actually even Russia itself was on its way to become like that if Putin didn’t show up. I guess we can say this; from a utilitarian perspective, it’s better if the populations can learn to rely on themselves, think for themselves and become self-starters. Self-motivation, critical thinking skills and innovative minds are the key. Stop looking towards the West as the ideal or some kind of protection figure as the West has their own agenda, and also, it’s time to stop believing in oligarchs’ or the so-called “anti-communist freedom fighters'” lies.

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