Twitter Mass Purges Right-Wing Accounts

How many times do I have to repeat it? Twitter is not a safe platform, where you can discuss politics. Maybe the people will finally realize there is a life out there without Twitter and Facebook. Stop feeding the beast. I only visit Twitter to research for this blog because everyone is there.

On Monday evening, a mass ban occurred of mostly anonymous right wing Twitter accounts, with many of them being connected to the America First sphere of Twitter, including American Populist Union’s Vince Dao, and the news outlet Media Right News.

Many of those users informed National File that they were banned for allegedly violating Twitter rules regarding “platform manipulation and spam.”


Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari, author of #DELETED, one of the most prominent books studying the phenomenon of Big Tech censorship, suggested that the ban wave happened due to “some kind of new banning algorithm” being deployed by Twitter, “probably using network analysis to suppress an entire cluster at once.”

Why ban single profiles, when you can purge an entire community. Entire communities being purged out of public discourse is a feature of totalitarian regimes. Our elected representatives do precious little to force these corporations to allow a freedom of speech because they personally benefit from such a method of control. And they have the alibi of not being directly involved in the censorship. This way they have evolved from their bolshevik and fascist predecessors but the outcome is very similar.

In other news, I hear that Gab is experiencing a surge in activity, welcoming refugees from Twitter. I have had a presence there but I do not update that space very often, actually I never got accustomed to using it.

Here are some of the fallen:

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