Ukraine has a Hero

And his name is Oleksandr Usyk

The boxer, Oleksandr Usyk defeated the British fighter, Anthony Joshua and returned belts to Ukraine. However, Svidomites and Russophobes have given him a cold shoulder because Usyk is a Vatnik. Not a single Ukrainian TV station aired Uskyk’s match with Joshua. And some Ukrainian nationalists even supported Joshua. Usyk is a brave man, who is unafraid to say things that are politically incorrect and he elicits salty reactions from Nazis and peddlers of Russophobia.

Klymenko time has a good summary of the triggering…

First comes Serhiy Sternenko, already profiled on this blog. I even saved his sour grapes from his YouTube post:

If you are ready to pardon Usyk for his statements about “Russians and Ukrainians being one nation”, being bros with the occupiers, “Crimea is Crimea”, and a suggestion to hang oneself if you support decommunisation.

Ok, that is your right. However, I am not ready to just forgive.

I am sorry I am spoiling your celebration by the reminders above. One time public appearance in the Ukrainian language and gloves with the slogan “Simpheropol is Ukraine” do not bespeak Usyk’s change of mind.

Medvedchuk also says Crimea is Ukraine and sometimes speaks Ukrainian. However, he does not quit, just like Usyk, to adhere to Russian values.


Russia was divided into three by her enemies and nothing good ever came of this division. Ideas are more powerful than any weapon because ideas shape the future and this idea will shape the future of Eastern Europe. It will be more powerful than any nuclear bomb.

I have not investigated Usyk’s biography but from what I have gathered, he certainly has a deep connection to Crimea. It ultimately is up to the Crimeans to decide where that peninsula will belong.

Well guys, I am no fan of Communism. I believe our East European countries will be overcoming the legacy of this system for the rest of this century. However, one cannot deny that contemporary Ukraine is almost entirely a Bolshevik creation, it is another problem created by Communism. Decommunisation in Ukraine is basically going against the territorial, ethnic, and industrial history of that country.

It is no surprise that when forces hostile to the Soviet past prevailed in Ukraine, the country was met by an internal unravelling, and industrial decay.

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