Ukrainian Soldiers Stranded in Afghanistan

I have just seen a video of Ukrainian servicemen that say they have been stranded in Afghanistan, and no help is forthcoming from their motherland. They are saying they will have to turn to the Russian consulate for help.


5 thoughts on “Ukrainian Soldiers Stranded in Afghanistan

  1. Btw Leos, I wanna say this, I remember how you advised me to set up my own blog instead of sticking to social media. I kinda see the point now. It’s not even about censorship or FB vs VK. It’s more about how you have dumb asses who won’t leave you alone. You can’t be too civilized with them neither or they’ll just keep coming. They’ll keep bombing your inbox with dumb shit. Oh they love pm’ing others. With blogs, at least you get to avoid this type of shits. You say whatever you want, you don’t get banned and nobody gonna bother you. Social media is a place if you wanna “make friends” and “chit chat” and blogging is basically social media for matured adults.


      1. That’s exactly my point. No censorship; no borderline flat-earthers who somehow believe that you’re on their side (I’ve ran into a few of them on FB and even on VK); no dumb asses that trynna chat with you and ruin your daily plan or work-life balance. All the idiots are still sticking with social media and trynna be “social”, no pun intended. If you smart you’ll hop off the social media train altogether…maybe Quora sometimes but that’s about it.


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