4 thoughts on “History Repeats Itself

  1. Well looks like it’s all over…it’s hard to say what will happen from now on. I hope that China’s rather passive attitude on Taliban won’t fuck China over at some point.


    1. I think the Chinese have the situation under control so far. The problem I see is that the Taliban brand of Islamic Revolution can actually be attractive for region’s Muslims. China at least develops its Western provinces but Russia abandoned the Turkestan to its own devices in the nineties, and the local regimes are a bunch of corrupt and unsavory despots that have done nothing for the people over the last 30 years.


      1. I think China’s strategy can be summarized this way: “I might not be able to attack you, but nothing you throw at me can destroy me. As long as I’m still getting the cash then it’s all good”. It makes sense if we’re living inside an RTS game, but in real life? Not so sure. I always have a bad feeling about this. You know how sneaky they can be and when things get too real in Xinjiang, then it might be too late.


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