Molotov-Ribbentrop for Peace in Europe

Guys, I did not even realize it but the former Polish defense minister, Radek Sikorski likened the Nord Stream pipeline to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pack. Any Bismarckian move, which establishes cooperation between Russia and Germany is Molotov Ribbentrop.

Sikorski’s quote resurfaced recently with the capitulation of Washington in the business of stopping Nord Stream, many salty articles on this matter in British and American press. They have probably realized in Washington that the project is in large part a German endeavor to become the dominant energy supplier in Central Europe. Even the Poles will be buying Russian gas from Germany.

The question is why do the former Eastern bloc countries allow themselves to become tools of the Anglo-saxons that try to drive a wedge between Russia and Germany? In the end, our transatlantic allies will ditch us in favour of the big players like Germany and Russia.

The small players of Central-Eastern Europe will have to eventually orient themselves towards Berlin or Moscow to stay afloat. I actually envision some of the more Russophobic places like the Baltic states or Ukraine toning down their Russophobia and going to Moscow to discuss business.

It may take years or decades but the abandonment of this region by its current Western partners must inevitably lead to a state in which Eastern Europe is once again divided by Germany and Russia. If only economically.

2 thoughts on “Molotov-Ribbentrop for Peace in Europe

  1. Poland seems to have problem with overestimating its own importance. Well, this serves as a lesson for many other like-minded countries, that it’s highly unrealistic to expect US to always have their backs. That said, it’s wise for those countries to drop their own ego and pick their battle better. Or better yet, finding a common values to get along. Because if the countries across Eurasia keeps letting its own nationalistic ego to cloud its judgment, then there will be some really dark times ahead of us.


    1. Dark times will probably befall the post-communist countries that have not yet reconciled themselves with post-Cold War reality. This will cause an energy glut, which will literally mean dark times.

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