Russian Falcon?

There is a class of internet personalities (vloggers and bloggers) in Russia that in Russian are called охранители (ochraniteli, lit. “defenders”). They mostly put out patriotic and pro state content. I am a vatnik and I often watch this kind of content…

And for a while, this group of YouTube channels have put out content disparaging Elon Musk, belittling his achievements, and similar. When few channels and blogs do this in unison, it appears like an organised campaign. Entities with money these days do not shed resources on information campaigns because public opinion is everything. Morale must be maintained…

But if Elon Musk is doing it wrong, why then is Roskosmos copying his idea of partially reusable rockets to stay competitive with Musk’s Space X? Don’t get me wrong, I am totally for the proliferation of space technology, and believe that Roskosmos is on the right track with its decoupling from reliance on Kazakhstan’s Baykonur by building the Kosmodrom Vostochny, and now the development of reusable rockets. All power to them…

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