Czech Russophobes in Hysteria After the Czech Ambassador Attends 9 May Parade

Russophobic scum (even Russian Empire fanboys are committing Russophobia here) in Russia, and elsewhere hates the 9 May, I love it. I really consider the 9 May to be the best day of the year…

The Russophobe hates the Russian military because he understands that the existence of Russia depends on it, and they want a World without Russia.

The Czech ambassador Vitězslav Pivoňka attended the parade, and then a whole hell broke loose. Cretins have become livid:

Jan Lipavský – Member of the Czech Parliament, Pirate Party

I consider it scandalous that the Czech ambassador in Moscow, Vitězslav Pivoňka is planning to attend the Russian Military Forces parade on 9. May. He will honour the army that blew up to ammunition storages and killed two Czech citizens.


Comrade Lipavský does not care about things such as due process. The Czech police is unable to press charges based on the evidence but this young parliamentarian has already made his mind up. The Russians are always guilty until proven innocent.

Comrade Lipavský is actually more of a danger to our beautiful country than the Russian Federation will ever be. You see, the Russians will not come but the Pirate Party may as well win the elections, and will institute high taxes, socialism, woke ideology of social justice, and digital surveillance.

Miloš Gregor – Czech academic

Is it true Pivoňka will attend the propagandistic clownery? Don’t you think this is absolutely inappropriate Jakub Kulhánek (the Czech foreign minister)? Is it a substitute for Mr. Hamáček (the Minister of Interior) not coming to Moscow with a friendly greeting from Miloš Zeman?


Bla bla bla blather not worthy of an academic.

Rikard Jozwiak is an RFE/RL journalist

Note the list of concerns:

Muh Navalny

Muh Vrbětice

Muh Ukraine

Muh Věra Jourová

The European Commissioner, Věra Jourová is another person that is more of a danger to us than the Russians will ever be. Recently she called for greater censorship of the internet and Russia recently banned entry to her. I cheered this move by RF but I was wondering how our country can get rid of the likes of Jourová?

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