Maniacs, the Cult of Killers

This is some hardcore!!!

In my post about the Facebook ban on a Russian news story that reported about the Ukrainian connections of the recent series of arrests of Neonazis across Russia, I have only remotely touched upon the identity of the group in question because back then my information on it was rather disorganized. Here is what I have gathered so far…

Basically, the group that is the target of the FSB arrests is called MANIACS, THE CULT OF KILLERS, and it was founded by certain Egor Krasnov, native of Dnipro, Ukraine. This young gentleman apparently attended several Azov battalion summer camps as a youth, and had violent proclivities. Eventually, he found joy in the killing of the homeless, alcoholics, junkies etc. However, he also shared his exploits with likeminded individuals online, on Telegram and on Dark Net, and enticed them to do the same and record their deeds on camera to be shared by the community. He was able to build a considerable following throughout the CIS.

Krasnov was an adherent of the white supremacists ideology, which he likely apprehended in the Azov camp but he himself said the Azov was too mainstream for his tastes. He harboured hatred towards those that were darker than is the usual Ukrainian phenotype. It is said he has assaulted an Iranian student with a knife, which alerted the authorities to his activities and he was taken under arrest.

EGOR KRASNOV “Our goal is a racially pure state”

After his arrest, the content of his social media properties change a bit. While under Krasnov’s management the main topic revolved around killings of lowlives and filming it, the content after his arrest contains instructions on how to make bombs, commit arson, and what is more interesting anti-government rhetoric, and the necessity to kill cops. Reports have it, the group arrested in Voronezh were also part of local pro-Navalny groups and gave instructions on how to behave during protests, especially how to fight the police.

Sieg Heiling Nazis at Navalny protest

It seems that the SBU (Ukrainian secret service) has captured Krasnov’s social media accounts and was managing them, or alternatively curated Krasnov’s activity.

Based mostly on this video

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