Apple Music 100 Ukraine

Made me feel old…

I went through the whole playlist and haven’t heard the Ukrainian language once. And this sort of proves one of the central thesis of this blog, and that is Russian is the dominant language in Ukraine. It dominates the charts on Spotify too.

Meanwhile though, the Ukrainian language is propped up by the government through quotas on radio and the television. Maybe they should send a delegation to California, or wherever these companies are based, and tell them to practice some affirmative action. We need to speak the language Americans will understand. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian authorities have also banned the rapper Morgenshtern from coming to Ukraine.

Now Morgenshtern is a controversial figure. The Russian conservatives would like to see him removed from public space. I understand that his music is degenerate but look around, the world around you is degenerate. Meanwhile in Ukraine, this article even calls Morgenshtern an element of Russian soft power. I think Morgenshtern must be laughing his socks off at what is happening. Evil Russians have found some Bashkir degenerate to plant seeds of doom in Ukraine. LMAO

And Morgenshtern truly is an influential cultural product. I personally found out about Morgenshtern through a Czech girl I dated, who was 15 years my junior. Now you may say, but Leoš, isn’t Apple Music and Spotify for wealthy urbanite hipsters, and the usual Ukrainian does not have access to it because he has no money? Yes but the cool kids have it, and poor kids want to be cool too. So I think the charts are a good reflection of what the people want to listen to.

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